Every decision made must meet the below criteria, which reflect our values, our vision, our promise. Through our products, we wish to offer an intense and unique experience. You can click on the words to display our definition.


REDFLAG wishes to take part in a sustainable economy, which for us has the human being at its center. The women and men of REDFLAG are the engine and the inspiration of the brand. Our partners are driven by the same values.

Environmental Impact

Environmental impact means encompassing the human dimension and product development. We choose suppliers who favor concrete actions on this topic. Thanks to the 3D knitting technology, the production sites can move according to the markets. The materials used in the manufacture of our products come from controlled sources close to the production environment.

Disruptive Circular Design

Each product, from its first sketch to the end of the product life, is thought of in a circular economy: its end of life is anticipated and will dictate the stages of development and realization of the product. All REDFLAG products are thought to be reintegrated into the system, either through a second hand market or through recycling subsidiaries.


The cost of each item reflects the quality and value of all the elements composing it: choice of suppliers, production locations, choice of materials. Producing locally has a cost and as will not deviate from our commitments, this is reflected in the final value of the product.

Life Cycle

The materials used during production, packaging, but also the manufacturing techniques are respectful of our environment. The origin of the products is traceable, allowing us to guarantee a sustainable manufacture, as well as to ensure in a serene way the recycling and the reuse of our products on their complete life cycle.


We want you to be proud, to want to wear our products, not only for our commitments, but also for their style! With REDFLAG, it is possible to live our commitment for a better future, while acquiring products that are aesthetically beautiful.


The very definition of any production, according to us: local in the world. The products are made locally and benefit from reduced transport distances. The same product can be made in different places in the world, in accordance with our standards and in collaboration with local labor and talents.